Tutorials on JavaScript & Modern Frameworks

Easy Way to use localStorage with Vue

Short article on how to use local storage with Vue and learn saving and storing data in local storage with the setItem() and getItem() methods.

How to split First name and Last name in JavaScript

Short article to separate first name and last name in a form field using split method in JavaScript.

5 ways to convert HTMLCollection into array in JavaScript

Post on how to convert HTMLCollection to an array to apply forEach() method on its element to loop in JavaScript.

Change image source (src) on hover using CSS

Find out how to change the source of the image tag on hover using CSS using :hover selector.

How to change image on hover JavaScript

Short article on how to change the source of the image <img> tag on hover using JavaScript.

Change image src using onClick event in JavaScript

Find out how to change or replace the image src (source) on click of a button using onClick() event in JavaScript.

[Fixed] GitHub "fatal: remote origin already exists" error

Find out to fix "fatal: remote origin already exits" github error while working with remote git repository.

Force update Vue to Reload/Rerender component

Short tutorial on how to correctly force update Vue.js component to reload or rerender. The component is reinitialized without having to do a browser refresh.

Solved "No such remote origin" Git Error Fatal

Short article on how do I fix remote origin already exists git error faced when trying to push to remote origin in Github and BitBucket.