Check if a HTML checkbox is checked using JavaScript

If you are looking for “How do I check if a checkbox is checked in JavaScript?”

The simple answer is using checked property in JavaScript.

The checked is a boolean property that will return true if the checkbox is clicked and checked or else it will return false.

Let us see an example of how to use checked property in JavaScript.

First, let us make a checkbox in HTML with a label.

<input type="checkbox" id="checkedbox" />
<label for="">Agree to Terms and Conditions</label>

and we will have a Button with an id as “btn”.

<button id="btn">Submit</button>

And now we will write a JavaScript code where when the button is clicked , it will check if the checkbox in the HTML is checked or not.

If it’s checked it will alert as “Checked” or else it will alert “Not Checked“.

HTML Code :

    <input type="checkbox" id="checkedbox" />
    <label>Agree to Terms and Conditions</label>
      <button id="btn">Submit</button>


const btn = document.querySelector("#btn");

btn.addEventListener("click", (e) => {

function validate() {
  var checkedbox = document.getElementById("checkedbox");
  if (checkedbox.checked) {
  } else {
    alert("Not Checked");

In the script code, we have a function called validate(), which will run when we click the submit button.

Since checked is a boolean property, we can use it in any if..else condition. If the condition is true , it will alert “Checked”, if not it will alert “Not Checked”

Code Demo:

checkbox is checked

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