Convert Kilometers to Miles using JavaScript program

In this short post, we will write a function to convert kilometers (km) to miles (mi) using JavaScript.

We know that 1 kilometer = 0.621371 miles, so we can use a simple formula of multiplying the kilometer value by 0.621371 to get miles.

The distance in miles is equal to the distance in kilometers multipled by 0.6211371

miles = kilometers * 0.621371 

Here, 0.621371 is the conversion factor.

JavaScript Program to convert Kilometers to Miles

const kilometers = 25;

// formula convert kilometers to miles 
const miles = kilometers * 0.621371

console.log(`${kilometers} kilometers = ${miles} miles.`);


25 kilometers = 15.534275000000001 miles.

Here, we have checked how many miles is 25km using the formula kilometers * 0.621371. And the result is 15.534275000000001 miles.

If you want to convert miles to kilometers, then we use the formula,

kilometers = miles / 0.621371


To convert kilometers (km) to miles (mi), we have to multiply the kilometer value by 0.621371.

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