How to call a function in VUE template?

Here, we will learn on how to call a function in vue template.

First we have to define the function in the methods. and then we can use an event listener to call the function from the vue template.

In this example we will increment a number using a function and call the function using a click event from the vue template.

Define and call a function in vue template.

First lets create the data and the methods in vue.

In script:

export default {
          number: 0
          this.number ++

Here i have created a function call increaseNumber(), which will increment the number with + 1 whenever we call the function with a click Event.

In template:

    <button @click="increaseNumber()">Increase Number</button>
    The Number is : {{ number }}

Now whenever we click the function from the template, it will call the function and it will increase the value of the number by + 1.

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