Set URL Query Params In Vue 2 Using Vue-Router

This article will show you three ways how to set URL Query or URL params in Vue 2 using Vue-Router.

What is URL query?

In simple words, a URL query is a key-value pair that we see at the end of a URL after the question mark sign (?). It is a portion of a URL that is used to pass data to the back-end.

You can see it when we do a search on a website, like YouTube or Google.

In Vue, there are 3 ways to set query params in a URL:

  1. router-link
  2. router.push()
  3. router.replace()

Let’s see each one with an example.

Set Query params in Vue 2

In <router-link /> we can use the :to=”” prop to set our query params. The <router-link /> to create anchor tags for declarative navigation in Vue.


<router-link :to="{ path: '/gallery', query: { id: 1 } }">gallery</router-link>

Here we have set a query with an id:1. Check the example below to see the code in action.

router.push() to dynamically add query params in URL in Vue

router.push let us dynamically set query params in a URL. It pushes a new entry into the history stack, so whenever a user clicks the back button in the browser it returns back to the previous page.


router.push(location, onComplete?, onAbort?)


this.$router.push({ path: "/gallery", query: { id: 1 } });

If you want to set multiple queries you can pass it like this:

this.$router.push({ path: "/gallery", query: { id: 1, name: "parker"} } });


You can access the router instant as $router. Therefore, you can call this.$router.push()

Set query params in Vue using router.replace()

router.replace() is the same as router.push() , the only difference is that it navigates to a different route without pushing a new history entry. It just replaces the current entry.

So you cannot press the back button in your browser to return to the previous page.


this.$router.replace({ path: "/gallery", query: { id: 1 } });


Edit programmatic routing

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